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What is dedicated Enginyeria SOLID?

SOLID Enginyeria provides electromechanical engineering solutions from conceptual design through prototyping and testing of the final product. Our service portfolio includes among others the following:

  • Finite element analysis (FEA)
  • Analysis of computational fluid dynamics (CFD)
  • Conceptual and detail design (product, equipment and test benches)
  • Prototyping and small series
  • Testing and Test
  • Documentation
  • Outsourcing

Why choose SOLID Enginyeria services?

  • Experience and Reliability:

SOLID is an engineering Enginyeria in the process of expansion, with over 6 years experience in FEM simulations and 4 in CFD. Our team of estimators is made entirely by senior engineers, having the most with advanced degrees and additional studies in the field of FEM and CFD simulation.

  • Convenience:

Our engineers have experience in different industries, we can quickly identify and create models from your drawings and specifications or directly import CAD models to save time and money. We make a wide variety of types of analysis to solve a wide variety of problems.

How to send your request to Enginyeria SOLID?

You can contact us using the conventional e-mail and attaching the design in any standard format CAD files. If the attachment is too heavy, you can upload using our FTP server.

When submitting your design, be sure to include as much information as possible. The hardest part for us is to define the exact requirements. The more information we have, the faster we can send you a quote.

How are the results?

Once the project Enginyeria SOLID creates a specific area for your client, discreet and private for you.

In this private section you will be able to see the results directly through the web, send and receive information via conventional mail files in the case of light, or in the case of larger files using our File Transfer Protocol (FTP).

What do the reports of results?

At the conclusion of the analysis, SOLID Enginyeria offers its customers a detailed report with the following information:

  • Summary of analysis results and method.
  • Limits on applicability.
  • Conclusions.
  • Suggestions for improving the design.

What is the'' Bonus recommendation'' SOLID Enginyeria  and how it works?

Our "Bonus recommendation" offers any customer to recommend us to a new paying customer, the opportunity to receive a 5% discount on the next analysis requested. Offer is limited to (1) a single bond for each new customer.

Ask the client recommended to provide your name and email address when you contact us so we can introduce into our DB bonus.